With Quantum Computer Solutions as your Strategic Partner for Technology in Education, you can rest easy knowing we have your classroom, administration and campus technology covered!

Implement the latest IT to foster success in education

A school’s IT setup is directly tied to its reputation. Parents and students expect the very best technology and staying ahead of the IT curve is a never-ending challenge for many private schools.

Quantum Computer Solutions has been proudly serving the education sector for 18 years. Our mission is to help schools keep pace with evolving tech demands, augment in-house IT departments, maintain top security protocols, and help teachers and students achieve success.

Flexible IT Support Models for all Schools

For schools, sometimes the traditional helpdesk support model does not fit into the support needs for the staff. It isn't always easy to call into a support desk while you are teaching and have a tech to walk you through remote troubleshooting.

Quantum Computer Solutions has vast experience working with Schools with different support models.  Some include working with an internal IT staff member located on-site.  When you have a team of IT professionals to augment and assist your in-house IT staff, this will help provide the complete support your school needs without the additional expense of salary, benefits, and taxes. With outsourcing part of your IT support, you receive multiple engineers with various levels of expertise to “fill the gaps.”

Is Your Private School Offering The Best Technology Solutions?

Today, people expect the highest level of technology solutions, especially in a private schools. To keep families enrolled in your private school, you must do everything possible to set yourself apart from other schools. You need to show that your institution offers a family more for their money.

In order to compete, you need:

  • Excellent security for administration, faculty, and students
  • Secure, reliable Wi-Fi networks for teachers, students, and guests
  • PCs, Laptops, Chomebooks and iPads on current hardware and operating systems
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) for all devices leaving the schools premises
  • Cloud file access for Teachers and Administrators to work anytime / anywhere
  • Interactive ‘Smart’ Board support for modern classrooms
  • E-RATE and Classwallet expertise for securing the latest technology

Contact Quantum Computer Solutions today and find out how we can address all your classroom, administration, and campus technology needs!

*** Quantum Computer Solutions is a proud Classwallet Vendor.  Contact us today to find out how we can support your schools technology though the E-Rate / Classwallet program ***